Demos and Product Evaluations

Download the full ReSize OCX/.NET 4.1 product demo (1.1MB ZIP File).  ReSize OCX/.NET 4.1 includes the 16-bit OCX, 32-bit OCX, and .NET versions of ReSize.

Download the demo (free) version of ReSize .NET 4.1 only. (441K ZIP file)

Download the demo (free) version of only. (607K ZIP File)

The above evaluations are fully functional but contain a nag screen.  You are free to experiment by adding ReSize to your code.  This is the best way to see first hand what ReSize will or will not do. Purchased copies of ReSize do not contain the nag screen.


Misc Support Files

Download the MFC and OLE support files used by 32-bit ReSize OCX. 
You should only need these files if you are developing with Windows 95.

Download an upgraded version of the Visual Basic SSTab controls.
In our tests we found that controls sometimes disappeared from the 16-bit version of the SSTab control that ships with Visual Basic when used with ReSize. This download fixes that problem.


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